Oh, I have been here before

Love it

Super Secret Stash of Stuff

A guy keeps on messaging me on Facebook and all his messages are around seven to ten lines long, the longest has been twenty-three. What the effing hell. If you’re gonna bother someone, at least keep it short.

I know, I know, I’m being a bitch here. But I value personal space, even in the online, virtual one. When I said I’ve been here before, I meant this has been done to me by some guy three years ago and back then, I felt all special because he seemed to like me, we seemed to understand each other (but don’t be fooled: liking the same music is not enough. Plus, watch out if he’s just pretending to like the music you like to get you to like him) and he did like me, and then we sort of got close, and then I got suffocated because he literally got mad…

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