The Booty Text


People come in and out of our lives. It is hard to deal with or know what it means, or how it defines us. Having someone leave your life, is a lot harder than never letting them enter your life in the first place. There is this drive in current society to find our “better half”. The focus on the coupling, the importance of finding someone else to make you happy. When really in the end you need to be happy on your own. Constantly striving to find someone to make you feel happy, is quite frankly exhausting. Doing the same things, going out, finding someone nice, thinking “this time is will work”, and then being disappointed just as all the times before. Being disappointed is never a good feeling. It is exhausting letting people into your life that are not worthy of how great you are. I want to be happy with ME first. And tell off those that don’t deserve my greatness. 

A boy I used to have a “thing” with. Texted me last night at 2am asking “are you still up?”….. WHATT 

I mean make the “booty call” more obvious. I responded “Stop booty calling me, I am not down for a booty call”

I had to say it, boys need to have more respect for women. I live at hours other than 2am. I am fine and happy at all hours, do you think I will let that go at 2am to be used… I am not a thing, I am a person that deserves so much more than a 2am “thing”. 

– The anonymous university girl 


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